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Holiday Kids & Crafts Fair:

A Community Event  

Experience a day of creativity and family fun! Enjoy arts, games, superhero adventures, and more. 

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​Highlight from the CDC

We are happy to announce that in 2022 our program “Best Start for Families-A Health Equity Approach” was evaluated as an Effective Practice by a board from the Center for Disease Control

ICTC: Refugee + Immigrant Children Committee

Click below for Immigrant/Refugee Families Guides!

Learn more about our work, our mission, and our vision.

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Workshop Trainings

CCWF trains services providers as Facilitators of the International Child/Parenting Development Program (ICDP-USA) of Parenting Learning Groups.

Parent Learning Groups

We believe every child and adolescent deserves to be supported in positive development by caregivers and professionals within loving, non-violent families and peaceful communities.



ON-SITE availability! Great way to help your community, receive academic credit, and gain experience in a nonprofit setting!

Education Development / Administrative & Operations / Social Media & Marketing / Videographer / Graphic Design / Web Design/Developer / Fundraising & Event Planning / IT Support / Salesforce Administrator


ICDP Parent Program

What is CCWF's Parenting Program Curriculum?

We train parents, children, and facilitators to implement empathy-based interactions into their daily lives. Our curriculum is used in parent/caregiver and child learning groups throughout the community. These groups ensure that children are supported in a positive and loving way. For further information, download our brochure here.

The International Child/Parent Development Program (ICDP) provides a comprehensive psycho-social approach to strengthening adult caregiver/parent-child relationships by modeling, facilitating, and motivating empathy and communications across the spectrum of Adult-Child interaction. Empathy provides the foundation of attitudes and values which enables caregivers to confidently experience and communicate their love as they guide the positive development of their children. Community members expand their "zone of empathy" through community-based ICDP Trainers and Facilitators of Caregivers/ Parent Learning Groups, and supplemental programming for their children.

Click here for more details on our curriculum.

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