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All About Youth: Workbook

This workbook is designed to help you investigate and strengthen your relationships with friends, family members,
and—if you are a parent—your children. The work and play represented look closely at ways we relate to one
another as friends, family, and communities. The interactive approach allows for sharing with and supporting one
other to experience success. AAY is a strengths-based program throughout which individuals celebrate each other
and recognize positive attributes within others.


"I've learned to problem solve peacefully and respect my
youth and to speak up."

“I would recommend this program for upcoming
freshmen next year because it’s helpful and makes you
feel more confident for high school.”

Larkin High School Freshman

"Something that was helpful was that I should be
confident (mindfulness). I also learned not to step on
people's boundaries."

"I would suggest this to my peers it's an amazing

All About Youth:
Coach Playbook

While students need firm boundaries at school and consistent positive and reasonable negative
consequences to learn from, they also need safe spaces in which to reflect. They need trusted, caring adults to
help them to process anxiety, trauma, emotional responses, and typical adolescent rebellion. We invite Coaches
to deepen their own understanding of how to effectively support children through empathy by providing useful
tools and concepts students can learn, practice and make their own in order to have positive models and goals of
who and how they will be as they grow into adulthood.

Give your Children the Tools to Thrive!

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