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"ICDP is based on the idea that human beings are by nature social, and that also means that we, as human beings, are particularly vulnerable in our social relationships because that is the domain of our suffering and our happiness. So when we are deprived of normal human contact, there is suffering and loss, as we can see in institutionalized children. This is where ICDP comes in to restore and revive normal human caring interaction. And this does not only apply to care for babies and young children, it applies at all levels of life from babies to youth, adults and elderly - we are all living in relationships with each other, and the quality of these relationships decides how we feel, cope and develop. Therefore ICDP is in principle applicable at all these levels..." – Professor Karsten Hundeide 

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ICDP and the World Health Organization

ICDP and World Health Organization met in 2014 for a "Technical working group meeting on parent skills training for management of developmental disorders". For more information, click the icon above.

ICDP Chicago

ICDP International shared some highlights from our own ICDP-USA in a recent update. To read the full information, click the icon above.



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