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2015 Pritzker Projects


In November of 2013, CCWF was awarded the Prtizker Early Childhood Education Foundation Grant that provided funds to train educators in the ICDP Program who can then go on to train caregivers using the ICDP. CCWF President Kimberly Svevo-Cianci facilitated an ICDP Facilitator Workshop on December 4th and 11th (at the Children's Home and Aid Society in Arlington Heights, IL) and on the 18th (at Cicero Family Focus in Cicero, IL) training 18 facilitators in the ICDP Program. Facilitator trainees and administrators from the four locations - Carpentersville, Cicero, Englewood, and Rogers Park - attended. 


In November of 2014, CCWF renewed their grant with Pritzker for another year. The funding will allow for new new projects in Cicero, Hermosa, Melrose Park, Englewood, Roger's Park, and Roseland/Woodlawn. These projects are have started in January 2015.

Melrose Park

The Melrose Park Project Groups will be held at:                                                                                

Family Focus                    

St. Charles Morromeo
1635 N. 37th Avenue

Melrose Park, IL 60160


Facilitators: Carmen Díaz and Adriana Pashazadeh

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Wednesdays, 1/28/15-4/14/15


Roger's Park

The Roger's Park Project Groups will be held at:                                                                                

Sheila Reynolds Berner Family Center 

7510 North Ashland Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60626


Facilitators: Melissa Segovia, Nidia Cabrera, JC Acevedo

Time: 9:30-11:30am

Date: Thursdays, 2/12/15-5/7/15


Humboldt Park

The Humboldt Park Project Groups will be held at:                                                                                

VIVA Children's Home & Aid

2516 W. Division St.

Chicago,IL 60622


Facilitators: Fernando Arreguin and Teresa Franco

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: First 2 Fridays of the Month, 12/5/14- 6/5/15



The Cicero Project Groups will be held at:                                                                                

Family Focus                    

St. Frances of Rome

1500 S. 59th Court

Cicero, IL 60804


Facilitators: Concepción Acosta and Margarita Morales

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Mondays, 2/9/15-4/27/15



The Hermosa Project Groups will be held at:                                                                                

Family Focus Nuestra Familia

4145 W. Armitage

Chicago, IL 60639


Facilitators: Elizabeth Escobedo and Carmen Díaz

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Thursdays, 2/19/15-5/7/15



The Englewood Project Groups will be held at:                                                                                

Mitzi Freidheim Englewood Child & Family Center

1701 West 63rd St.

Chicago, IL 60636


Facilitators: Mary Stanciel and Minissha McGhee

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Thursdays, 1/29/15-4/23/15


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