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Internship & Volunteer

Since its inception in 2011, Changing Children's Worlds Foundation has become home to numerous interns from many different universities throughout Illinois. Working with the Changing Children's World Foundation has provided many students with wonderful opportunities for professional growth, academic credit (dependent upon the institution’s approval), and experience working in the nonprofit sector. Interns will have hands-on experience within diverse communities as well as time spent in program development and evaluation.


We are always looking for people to lend a helping hand at Changing Children's Worlds Foundation (CCWF)!

Graduation Day




Opportunities Available:



The objective of an internship with Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation is to learn about & move forward the mission of our International “Best Start” Program. As interns’ progress with their internship projects they will become familiar with both the academic and practical pursuits of our empathy-based, social/emotional “Best Start” program.  Interns will thus gain some foundational knowledge and experience in nonprofit management and parenting program fields that will enrich their future educational and professional development. 


The internship program of Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation consists of four components whose goal is to produce an enriching and rewarding intern-CCWF relationship. Important research, development, networking, and collaboration projects are assigned, and further developed between the intern and CCWF.  The intern will spend a majority of his or her time working on and completing these relevant projects that directly impact “Best Start”, and directly contribute to the work and mission of CCWF.

  1. CCWF Operational Experience: General office tasks as assigned;

  2. CCWF Educational Programs: General experience on current projects;

  3. Specific 2-3 Projects: Intern will focus on over internship;

  4. Learning: Expand intern’s understanding on the “Best Start” as described above.

Additional Information:

  • These are UNPAID Internship & Volunteer opportunities;

  • Internship hours can be used to earn academic credits upon the institution’s approval;

  • Intern / Volunteer should be able to dedicate at least 120 hours within a 3-4 month period;

  • Intern / Volunteer should be able to commute to our office in Geneva, IL (some remote hours/days may be considered).

Thank you!!
For your interest in a Changing Children's Worlds Foundation opportunity.
We always need interns as they are a very important part of our work.
We work mainly in the area of family strengthening and support through programs for parents, caregiving,
professionals who serve and support. We also work on community development, bullying prevention, and have an array of publications as well as social media and fundraising activities.

After you submit your application our HR team will evaluate and our next step will be to set a date and time

for an interview to discuss the internship and gauge best matches to your interests and skills for specific projects. 

Workplace: CCWF’s Office (Geneva – IL 60134)


Confident Woman

"The perfect way to get an interesting, challenging and really useful internship! The team is really wonderful!"

Happy Woman

CCWF is an amazing organization, both in what they're offering to the community, as well as the experience they offer for staff and interns. I had an amazing experience interning at CCWF and would love to be a part of their team again someday!

Woman Working on Laptop

While an intern at CCWF, I have been able to gain hands on experience that has helped me start my professional career. Huge shoutout to everyone at CCWF for being so passionate and dedicated to helping children and families lead a healthier and happy life.

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