Owen Rogers

Education: University of Illinois

Internship Term: June-August 2014


Owen is a transfer sophomore at University of Illinois, previously studying Political Science and Economics at King's College London. In high school he was involved in various community service projects in Elgin, as well as going on a service trip to Jaibon, Dominican Republic. At CCWF he is interested in seeing how the UN and government programs affect children's rights.

Danielle Riese

Education: University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Internship Term: June-August 2014

Danielle is a senior at UW-Platteville majoring in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and minor in Public Relations. She is currently earning college credit through her internship and will graduate August 2014! She is very excited to be able to contribute her knowledge and ideas for marketing and hopes to get a better understanding of CCWF and their programs during her time with the organization!


Caroline Henrichs

Education: Elmhurst College

Internship Term: May-August 2014


Caroline is a recently transferred sophmore at Elmhurst College, studying English Literature and Language as well as minoring in Writing and Publications. She is a passionate advocate for social justice, particularly for children and has a lot of experience with children as a nanny and as a student. Her interest in CCWF began when she heard of the many wonderful programs and hopes to provide a compassionate perspective to the community as she works on the summer programs. 


Briana Collins (Youth Board Member)

Education: Loyola University

Internship Term: May- August 2013; January 2014


As a current student at Loyola University Chicago and an International Studies and Spanish double major, Briana is taking a variety of classes within the fields of political science, international relations, and sociology.  Briana is an experienced foster child mentor, which has enabled her to truly understand the value of a stable support system. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in the legal field that will demonstrate her passion for social justice, education, as well as the betterment of family and support system dynamics. Briana is excited to learn more about CCWF and its holistic approach to violence prevention. 




Tamara Panek

Education: Coastal Carolina University 

Internship Term: June-August 2014


Tamara is a senior at Coastal Carolina University, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Criminology. She has actively worked with the Boys and Girls Club in Myrtle Beach this past year. She was able to lead as a positive role model as well as a guide for troubled children. She became interested in CCWF when she heard about the International Child Development Program, because it is able to strengthen family connections and ensure a better environment for the child to develop. She can not wait to get started in the numerous programs CCWF has to offer! 


 Maddie Wadington (Youth Board Member)

Education: Colby College

Internship Term: June- August 2013; January 2014


Maddie is a senior at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, studying both Psychology and Child Development. She has vast experience working with children of all ages and she is interested in experiencing another facet of child advocacy that allows for a deeper understanding of healthy child development.



Rose Allen

Education: Simmons College

Internship Term: May - August 2014


Rose is a junior at Simmons College in Boston, MA. She is majoring in Economics with minors in Public Policy and International Relations. In high school Rose was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Peru where she became fluent in Spanish. Rose is passionate about social justice and human rights, looking to work in the public or nonprofit sectors after graduation to make a difference in public policy. In Boston she works in various nonprofit organizations that focus on preventing violence against women. At CCWF she is looking forward to seeing how an empathy-based program can prevent violence in communities.


Internship Reflection:

Over the span of my internship at CCWF as the ICDP intern I have learned and explored everything from hands-on work with programs like leading the child-care curriculum at the Batavia Apartments and creating new spanish materials for the Cicero and Hermosa ICDP Spanish programs, to behind-the-scenes work for the organization such as proposal writing, fundraising, and sitting in on and helping organize meeting for various initiatives.


I came into this internship expecting to learn, but what I never expected was to leave this internship with so many new friends. The CCWF team is a family of passionate people that inspire and encourage learning and constant improvement.  




Rachel Wilborn

Education: Judson University

Internship Term: January- May 2014


Rachel is a junior Psychology major at Judson University. She has experience with children of a variety of ages, but she is especially interested in adolescents and their development. Being trained in the IDCP allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of the important role empathy plays in development, an understanding she hopes to expand while working with the CCWF. In the future, Rachel aspires to pursue a career in Social Work or Marriage & Family Therapy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Josephine Song 

Education: Wheaton College 

Internship Term: January-May 2014 


Josephine is a senior at Wheaton College studying International Relations and English Literature. Being a native from California, when she is not trying to keep warm, Josephine is studiously planning her future after graduation. She is passionate about making the world a better place and believes that it starts with the youth. At CCWF, Josephine hopes to gain a deeper insight and understanding for their development and growth as well as the ways she can contribute.

Alyssa Hamilton

EducationJudson University

Internship TermAugust- December 2013


Alyssa is a junior at Judson University working towards a Bachelors' degree in Psychology. She has expericence working with children of a variety of ages and backgrounds. Alyssa is invloved in a chapter of International Justice Mission (IJM) at her school. She is interested in working with adolesecnts and gaining a better understanding of their development. While being a part of CCWF, Alyssa hopes to grasp the importance of empathy and its role in child development.




Louis Liva

EducationAugustana College

Internship Term: Spring 2013


Louis is a student at Augustana College. He is currently finishing his education in his hometown, Batavia, and will be graduating this May with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. Growing up in Batavia, he has become aware of the tools of success given by his upbringing. Through studying geography, Louis has become aware of the distribution of wealth and spatial inequalities in the US. While working with CCWF, he hopes to learn the inner-workings of a non-profit organization and hone his skills in grant writing. In the future, he plans to pursue a career in urban planning and community development. 

Will Geist

EducationLoras College

Internship TermNovember 2012- January 2014


Will is a student at Loras College, in Dubuque, Iowa. He is studying Marketing, International Business, and Management Information Systems. He anticipates working at CCWF because of his passion for children as well as his personal inspiration from watching his younger sisters grow and develop. He desires to improve the lives and upbringings of children everywhere and hopes his work will help to move the needs of children forward.                              




Emily Newbold

Education: Elgin Community College

Internship Term: September - December 2014


Emily is a sophomore at Elgin Community College working towards an associates as a human services generalist. She plans to transfer to Portland State University and finish her education with a bachelors and maybe even a masters in social work. Emily has been involved in children advocacy since high school. She is excited to get an opportunity to work with CCWF on a personal and professional level. Learning about how nonprofits function and how groups are run has been a valuable experience.

Andrew Ellis

Education: Tennessee Technological University

Internship Term: November 2013 - January 2014


Andrew is a junior Sociology major from a small town east of Nashville, Tennessee.  His emphasis is on environmental sustainability with a strong interest in how environmental changes affect society and human development, especially the development of youth.  His interest came from spending time in Southern Uganda and seeing how the children there were living a sustainable lifestyle completely out of necessity. In the future, Andrew hopes to work in an aspect of community development and green space renewal in urban areas.

Abbie Manock

EducationWheaton College

Internship TermAugust- December 2013


Abbie is a sophomore at Wheaton College studying International Relations and Spanish. She has had experience in Ecuador working at a home for abused and abandoned children in both a teacher and summer counselor. Abbie has also worked as a translator in Tennessee for migrant farmworker outreaches. While here at CCWF, she hopes to learn about the role that non-profit groups play in communities. In the future, Abbie wants to work for an organization combating global poverty, specifically through the means of community development.



Joy Davis

EducationUnversity of Illinois-Chicago

Internship TermAugust- December 2013


Joy Davis is a Political Science student at University of Illinois-Chicago. She works as a freelance journalist for the Naperville Sun and Beacon News and worked on a successful congressional campaign this past election season. She has a strong passion for education and children’s rights, which led her to CCWF. Joy hopes to gain experience working with a non-profit and contribute to her community the importance of empathy and its role in child development.




Nate Micatka

EducationBatavia High School

Internship TermOctober 2012- May 2013


Nate is a junior at Batavia High School, class of 2014. He plans to continue his education in college and aspires to go to law school after. His interests include psychology and political science. He is passionate about the ways in which individuals like himself can protect children's rights and create safe environments for children both at home and in his community.








Vanessa Botti

Education: Aurora University

Internship Term: January-August 2015

Vanessa is full-time student at Aurora University pursuing her  Masters Degree in Social Work. She currently works with domestic violence victims and their families.She enjoys working with at risk youth and is excited about the opportunity to work with CCWF.  She is learning more about ICDP and is proud to be a part of investing in  and help build communities. She is also making valuable connections and  gaining first hand knowledge on how non-profits are run and is considering the non-profit sector in her future.

Cristal Solórzano

Education: Aurora University

Internship Term: January-August 2015

Cristal Solórzano is a full time graduate student at Aurora University pursing her Masters in Social Work. She has her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and has experience in working with at risk youth and in summer academic programs for high school students.  She is excited to be part of the CCWF team and learning more about ICDP programs. Cristal has interests in the non-profit sector and is grateful for the opportunity to be gaining experience at Changing Children's Worlds Foundation. Being able to see the development of the ICDP materials (caregiver, facilitator, and children's handbooks; evaluations; etc), seeing those materials being implemented in group sessions, and being part of the evaluation of the ICDP program are projects that Cristal is excited to be a part of. 



Kelvin Wang

Education: St. Charles East High School

Internship Term: August 2014-January 2015


Kelvin is a junior at St. Charles East High School and is currently interested in both English and science. He frequently volunteers at the Northern Illinois Food Bank over the summer. At CCWF, he is excited to have the opportunity to improve his own, as well as surrounding, communities.



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