We could tell you about all of the benefits of ICDP. Instead, let's sit back and hear it from the people whose lives it has changed...


“I would definitely recommend this program. I would recommend it to any parent because I think every single parent can benefit from this class no matter how great of a parent you think you are, no matter how great of a parent you think you’re not because there’s every parent that doubts themselves and there’s always a parent that thinks they can do better or that they are doing the absolute best that they can and I bet that that person would be able to benefit from this because I guarantee you that there’s something that they’re missing.”
- Parent Participant

Parents Respond

"...I found different ways to approach her and to bring that connection back for the two of us. I was getting scared of losing that cause I didn’t have it with my own mom.”

“Being able to be there and say ‘I know how that is. I know how that works. That happens in our family too. We have that same challenge.’”

“...It helps me look at things from a totally different perspective than I did before because I look at him as a completely different person.”

“Some of our friends have commented on the difference and how I talk to my kids compared to how they have seen me in the past talk to my kids.”

Kane County Adult Justice Center Summer Program Participant

Bueno esplicare solo en 3 puntos

  • Este programa es de mucha ayuda para los padres porque? Ayudan a fundamentar principios, educacion, entendimiento. Reconocimiento baber a amar y muchas cosas mas para creamiento de un padre para que el padre pueda edificar correctamente a sus hija los

  • Este programa los espicifican muy bien y claramente entendible a demas de eso interactiva con otros padres e intercambian ideas y expericucias muy bien entendible todo

  • Doy gracias a este programa por aver a apudado a tener mucho mas entendimiento y claridad sobre mi familia e hijas y tambien me ayudo a ver cosas que no veia en mi sobre la educacion de mis hijas ahora tengo mucho mas entendimiento y sobre todo e correguidos rodo esos errores


“There are many ways of expressing love. I have been practicing what I am learning here. My daughters are rebels; one is very expressive. I have changed my method of showing love. Before I acted as if I had the power. Now, I put myself on her level. I ask, ‘why are you screaming at me?’ I think ‘you are screaming at me because you learned it from me.’ One day, one of my daughters, while I was bathing her, screamed loudly at me. I changed my ways. I lowered my voice, I hugged her and she told me ‘sorry’ after I asked her not to scream at me. It’s beautiful when you open your mind and when you are not living in that cycle - of say, I am the mom and you will obey me.”
- A mother who participated in a community ICDP Parenting Learning Group