International Child Development Program- Empathy Based Parenting & Family Relationships; aims to develop and sustain quality interactions between caregivers and their children.  The ICDP approach is based on the idea that the best way to help children is to support and educate children’s networks of caregivers, helping to create a stable, protective environment.

TOPICS : I.  Empathy-based Caregiving/Parenting & Family Relationship
                A. Conceptions of our Roles as Caregivers & Our Conceptions of Children
                B. Empathy & Emotional Communications (From Attitudes to Interactions & Relationship)
                C. Teaching our Children by Learning with Them
                D. Regulating our Children’s Behavior through Modeling & Positive Discipline
                II.  Child’s Right to Freedom from Violence (Global Perspective)






By using a community based approach and activating existing local resources and networks, we reach more caregivers, families and children than is possible through a more traditional clinical approach, is cost effective and strategic.


1)   For Parent/Guardians and Caregivers of Children (0-12+ years):  Child Development Parent/Caregiver Learning Group:  A 7-14 week program with facilitated discussion about the most important support and modeling parent/caregivers can provide children for their optimum development and well-being.



2)  For Professionals and Volunteers working with Children 0-12+ years (up tp 20 hours NASW continuing education hours) :ICDP FACILITATOR WORKSHOP (Level 1) -towards ICDP certification.  Focus on supporting parents and care givers strengthen the well-being, development, safety and success of their children/youth.






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