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Become a Sponsor!

At the Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation, we aim to create impactful programs and relationships through our sponsors. Our mission is to support and empower parents/ guardians, children, and families through our International Child/ Parent Development Program (ICDP). Through the support of our employees, volunteers, and sponsors, we can work to create supportive and meaningful family connections. Your help keeps us going!

Parents and Toddler

Our Audience

At CCWF, our goal is to help parents and guardians of younger children. We always want to provide the best resources for helping their needs, and becoming a sponsor is a wonderful way of supporting our efforts!


As we gain more sponsors, more events and fundraisers can be held to support our goals and mission. We have many special programs planned for 2023 and onward, specifically with the International Child/ Parent Development Program (ICDP). As we gain more support, the more we’re able to help teach and empower adult caregiver/parent-child relationships

Kids Running

Sponsorship Rewards

Our Success

For this year alone, we’ve had over 20 sponsors support us! We’ve held many amazing fundraisers, fun activities, and various events that bring in amazing contributors!. We’ve also been able to use the ICDP program for parents and families. As we provide programs with the ICDP, we can help people in their efforts to raise their children and improve their relationships.


Still not sure about sponsoring CCWF? We also have plenty of volunteer opportunities that are open to all people, both in Chicago and anywhere else in the world! We have multiple internship and volunteer positions available for accounting, event planning, social media marketing, graphic design, web design, and much more! CCWF is flexible with hours and always willing to help those who want to volunteer.

For more information, contact or call 630-909-9411

To avoid fees, send checks to our address:

411 Stevens Street

Geneva IL 60134

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