We could tell you about all of the benefits of ICDP. Instead, let's sit back and hear it from the people whose lives it has changed...


Parent Testimonials: Summer 2017

Ashley's Testimonial

Kassia's Testimonial


By: a mother who participated in a community ICDP Parenting Learning Group


“There are many ways of expressing love. I have been practicing what I am learning here. My daughters are rebels; one is very expressive. I have changed my method of showing love. Before I acted as if I had the power. Now, I put myself on her level. I ask, ‘why are you screaming at me?’ I think ‘you are screaming because you learned it from me.’ One day, one of my daughters, while I was bathing her, screamed loudly at me. I changed my ways. I lowered my voice, I hugged her and she told me ‘sorry’ after I asked her not to scream at me.

It’s beautiful when you open your mind and when you are not living in that cycle – 

of say, I am the mom and you will obey me.”

Laura's Testimonial (in Spanish)

Fernando's Testimonial (in Spanish)


By: Wilfredo O. a father who participated in the Kane County Adult Justice Center (Jail) ICDP Parenting Learning Group 

Spring 2016


“This program helped me so much. It helped me with the worries I have with my family and now that I am alone but little by little with this program I am moving forward, I am finding a way to talk to my children more often with more love and affection so that they can be happy and that they feel more comfortable to come to me when they have problems and I can help them to keep going in their life. Love our children, listen to them and understand them so they don’t feel alone and this way

you can have a happy family.”



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