It's not just awesome, it's ULTIMATE!

This year's Ultimate Playhouse is a one-of-a-kind custom Rustic Farmhouse style with white board and batten siding, dark bronze Andersen windows. Free delivery in a

35-minute radius of St. Charles, IL!


Your purchase supports CCWF Family Development Programming for Kane County parents especially of children with special needs!



LED exterior and interior ambient lighting

USB charging outlets

Plug and Play set up -- can be powered from a regular extension cord


Farmhouse decorating including shelving and custom chalkboard


Fully insulated











Hardwood floors

WiFi and camera with 2-way communication for the parents











Custom Craftsman style Rustic Alder stained front entry door

How to get your own house...

On October 9th, in the Baltria Auto Zone at the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival, the Changing Children's Worlds Foundation (CCWF) drew the winning ticket for this year’s Ultimate Playhouse!

CCWF is pleased to announce the winners:  Cleide Socolovicth-Heitcotter, her husband Kevin, and son Everett! Cleide and her family are passionate about the great work being done by the Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to support children’s positive development and well-being by supporting their parents. The program supports parents in communities, all of whom struggle during challenging times in child rearing. CCWF has a special aim to support families facing special challenges: Military Parents with family reintegration; Parents with children with special needs; Teen, single or divorcing/ed parents; Parents in high violence/poverty communities; Immigrant populations, etc. Our International Child/Parenting Development program is based on the idea that the best way to help children is to support and educate children’s parents/caregivers, helping to create a stable, protective and positive environment, which also reduces violence in the home, school & community environment.  We do this through weekly community and school-based programs for families.


On October 18th in an extraordinary and extremely gracious gesture, the winning family has decided to designate and award the Playhouse back to the Changing Children’s World Foundation. According to raffle winner Cleide Socolovicth, “When I was informed that my ticket was the winner I couldn't believe it!  It is a beautiful house, great work and I am such a lucky person! I've been involved with CCWF for over five years as a volunteer, participating in their events and I also attended one of the first ICDP classes.  I can say that CCWF is doing a wonderful job not only in our community, but in others as well, supporting families and children.  So, in order to support the great work, we decided we wanted to designate CCWF to receive the Playhouse.


It is an important cause and I am very happy to be able to support the cause and its continued good work!”  This is the first time in three years of Playhouse raffles that the winner has graciously designated the Playhouse to CCWF. In accordance to the family’s wishes, the 2016 Ultimate Playhouse will go up for online silent auction on October 20th through Midnight November 4th. 


Final bidding will be invited at the CCWF Go for The Gold for Children 5th Anniversary Fundraiser (5:30-8:30pm) on November 5th, at K Hollis Jewelers, 147 S. Randal Rd, Batavia, IL 60510. The winner will be announced at 8pm. The 2015 Ultimate Playhouse built by John Hall Custom Homes, is a dream come true. It stands 12 feet tall, with a footprint of 10’ x 6’.  The outside of the Playhouse features White Board and Batten Siding, Custom Craftsman Style Rustic Alder Stained Front Entry Door, Dark Bronze Andersen 100 Series Fibrex Windows/with Screens, Charcoal Grey Shingles, exterior LED lights, and Grey Standing Seam Metal Overhang with Natural Cedar Brackets and Trim details.  The inside will amaze children and parents alike with the Farmhouse Style Decorating which includes Hardwood Floors, LED ambient lighting, Inverted Plug and Play set up, WIFI, and a Camera with 2-way communication which will allow parents to check on their child anytime! The Ultimate Playhouse Winner will be required to take possession of the Playhouse by November 20th - and will be required to pay for delivery and placement. The Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation Board of Directors expressed deep appreciation for the generous decision by the winning family. This presents an opportunity for another family or organization to win and take the CCWF Ultimate Playhouse home! The upcoming fundraising celebration will be an especially fine venue for the final winner to claim the prized Ultimate Playhouse! *Winner is responsible for delivery fee- $500 within 30 minutes of St. Charles.

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