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Work with trained professionals in order to incorporate empathy-based interactions into your daily life and workday

CCWF Facilitator Trainee Workshop

CCWF trains service providers as Facilitators of the International Child/Parenting Development Program (ICDP-USA) of Parenting Learning Groups, which support families to strengthen their parent-child interaction. “The Best Start” is an evidence-based program which strengthens psycho-social competencies of professionals working with parents and caregivers in their practice, as well as in their facilitation of Parent Learning Groups. The program curriculum covers strengthening Parent + Child skills from Empathy to Social/Emotional Learning to Cognitive Development to Self-Regulation/Discipline. Facilitators help parents share experiences and enjoy learning from one another as they practice implementing the ICDP 8 Guidelines by modeling positive adult-child (and adult-adult) behaviors, communications, interactions, and relationships. As parents gain confidence and empowerment, they support their children's positive development and success in family, school, and community. The trauma-informed, community- based program is adapted and effective for all Parents/Caregivers and Families!

Learning Objectives:

• To strengthen competencies to create more positive family and school climates.
• To strengthen psycho-social and educational caring skills.
• To facilitate empathy-based social-emotional, cognitive and regulative/positive discipline interactions between parents and

• To help create better parent/child communications and relationships.


(Facilitator Trainees will be invited to become Certified Facilitators, and Ultimately Certified Trainers.)

Caregiver Outcomes:

• Increased self-insight, understanding and awareness on the part of the

caregivers for the positive qualities of care that should and could exist

between them and the child.

• A stronger sense of self-confidence in their roles as caregivers.

• Empathy-based communication with their children as they better

understand their children's point of view, feelings and intentions.

• Improved skills in observing and understanding their children's reactions.

• Reduced Psychological Aggression.

• Reduced Physical Abuse.

Children Outcomes:

• Children's feelings towards caregivers become more positive than before.

• Children become emotionally more secure, open and confident.

• Children become more imaginative and creative and they start seeking

explanations as well as asking questions, more than before.

• Children manage to control their behavior better, feel respect for others and

are better able to cooperate with others.

• Children learn how to plan and reflect more before acting.

• Children begin to develop a wider vocabulary.

Continuing Education / Professional Development Hours Available:

  • NASW (Social Work Credentials)

  • CPDUs (Continuing Professional Developments Units)

  • Gateway to Opportunities (Early Childhood)

  • Early Intervention 


Workshop Includes:

Facilitator manual, Caregiver Handbook, Children's Booklet, and Evaluation/Resource Toolkit plus Daily Lunches/ Refreshments

For further information or to apply for group fees or scholarships please contact us at:

Email: registration@changingchildrensworlds.org

Phone: 630-909-9411


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