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Youth Board Members


Ariel Lee, Youth Board Member


Ariel Lee is a graduate student at Adler University receiving her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Development. Her mission is to advance social justice development and to become socially responsible practitioners, and she feels Changing Children’s Worlds can help guide her to become that person. Our mission inspires her passion for giving back to the community by focusing on the healthy positive development of all children, regardless of race/ethnicity/economic background, etc., and requires action by the whole community. It combines community engagement with social justice to strengthen and empower all. She received her Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies from Illinois State University and just recently graduated from Pepperdine University with a Master in Legal Studies. In her free time, she loves to travel, and hopes to do more soon and really explore the beauty of the world; She also loves wine and hope to get more invested in the process of it later in life; and enjoys fitness, health and wellness, which is necessary for the two-year-old Rottweiler she has, who’s a huge cuddle bug and loves attention and loves to play.

Vision of the Youth Board Member Position

Changing Children's Worlds Foundation seeks to positively impact children’s environments through empathy-based violence prevention. With the incorporation of the Youth Board Member Position, CCWF seeks to involve youth and young adult members of the community as representatives of their age group (15-18 and or 18-25) to become informed and engaged as youth advocates. As such, a CCWF youth advocate is an individual who becomes involved with the inter-workings of the Organization. This involves 1) incorporating our work of preventing violence, 2) bettering children's ecology with an emphasis on Social-Emotional Learning, and 3) improving children's overall support systems, into their everyday lives.


Mission of the Youth Board Member Position

Our mission is aligned with that of CCWF to strengthen children’s rights to positive development and well being, ensuring protection from violence. The Youth Board Member Position will remain true to that, specifically aiming to deepen connection and involvement with youth ages ranging from 15-17 (Junior Youth Board Member) and 18-25 (Senior Youth Board Member).

Past Youth Board Members


CCWF is pleased to announce the launch of its youth-led blog, All About YOUth! This blog, led by CCWF's two Senior Youth Board Members Maddie Wadington and Briana Collins, is a forum for youth and young adults to become more ENGAGED and CONNECTED to the work of CCWF and ICDP. We would love for you to comment and share your thoughts! 

All about YOUTH: CCWF's Youth-Led Blog

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