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Welcome to All About YOUth!

The principles of human-human relationship and guidance on positive interactions (ranging from social/emotional skills to restorative practices) which are the foundation of this program for Youth and Families, are underscored by our philosophy that every Youth has the inner strength and courage to become their best selves with the support of caring adults.

Part 1: About YOUth Empowerment and Self-Agency - plus Restorative Practices

Part 2: Family Life Skills about Relationship

**Within a Restorative Justice Foundation**

A program for YOUth to explore personal strengths and unique qualities, as well as our relationship with others.

Enhance your social experience

Enhance your social experience

All About YOUth is an interactive program, including a Blog for Virtual Group Posting/Sharing and Communications. We offer Session Links which Teachers/Community Leaders may share with Youth to gain additional experience in writing, sharing and communicating as assignments and/or with others. Enjoy!


01. All About YOU

Strengthen the atmosphere of deep respect.


04. The World of Play and Strategic Thinking!

Why is it important to “play?

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07. Comprehension Dialogue

Share focus with someone on common experiences


10. Power in Youth Voice / Apologies and Forgiveness

We are powerful and we all matter.


02. Respect, Identity and Inclusion

How it felt to speak your truth about your uniqueness.


05. Communication Skills

Traits of effective communication skills


08. Regulative Dialogue

How did you learn self-control?


11. Maintaining a Strong and Positive Relationship with Yourself and Others

Know yourselves and imagine your “Best Selves


03. Empathy

What does it feel like to listen to someone else’s experiences


06. Emotional Dialogue

Ways you can ask for help to communicate


09. Regulative Dialogue (pt. 2)

Explore self-control and routines to guide behavior


12. Review and Celebration

Positive relationships take effort and commitment

High School Freshman Experience

A three-session all About YOUth program for high schoolers. We offer Session Links which Teachers share with Youth to gain additional experience in writing, sharing and communicating as assignments and/or with others. Students should contact their teacher for the passwords.


Session 1

All About YOU


Session 2

Empathy & Communications


Session 3

The Power of Youth Voice & Equity

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